Wealth & Investment

Save & Invest

  • Save For A Specific Goal – Start saving with our simple and flexible savings solution for any financial goal.
  • Save For Your Children – There are various options available when saving for children
  • Save As A Group – We offer a simple and flexible savings solution for groups to access the stock market
  • Invest Offshore – Invest your money in different countries, currencies and businesses that are not available locally
  • Invest Tax-free – A simple and flexible way not to pay tax on your savings
  • Invest In An Endowment – A savings solution suitable for individuals with a marginal tax rate higher than 30%


  • Save For Retirement – A simple way to save for retirement through a monthly debit order or lump sum contribution.
  • Leaving Your Employer’s Fund – Transfer the money from your employer’s pension fund when you leave.
  • Government Employee? – We assist and advice on GEPF Transfers.
  • Earn An Income At Retirement – We offer a flexible investment option if you need to earn a regular income during retirement.

Wealth Management

  • Risk Planning – We offer solutions to protect your wealth in case of death, disability or illness.
  • Tax Planning – When advising you, we take into account your need to comply with all of the relevant tax laws.
  • Estate Planning – We offer solutions to structure your wealth so that your assets will be used to benefit the people you care about, whether in life or death.

Employer Solutions

  • Employee Retirement Annuities – A flexible, transparent and cost-effective solution to provide retirement savings for your staff members.
  • Business Insurance – We offer solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners to address personal and business assurance needs.
  • Employee Benefits – We offer group risk and retirement solutions to small, micro, medium enterprises (SMME’s) and their employees.